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The fried mac and cheese bites are so good. Everything else is alright too, but those bites… YUM. ~ Heather

Great food, service, and history. My nick name has always been ” The Blonde Bomber” given to me by my Pa, he flew Bomber’s in the War. I felt close to him looking at all the photographs on your walls. Thank you we all had a great time! ~ Stephanie P.

I visited The Bomber with my dad back in the 50s when we could actually go aboard. Gave me a life long interest in airplanes. Excellent history here, I hope the restoration gets completed. Thanks ~ Ray L. Selvig

The Bomber Gas Station was my first “real” job in the late 60’s. Very fond memories of Art Lacey….I believe he made me the hard working man I am today. ~ Michael Dowrey

My dad, Leland Strothers, was a B-17 mechanic @ RAF Grafton-Underwood, UK. “The Bomber” is a long distance from Chattanooga, but I hope to visit someday in honor of my dad. ~ Don Strothers

I remember the Bomber from when I was a boy. My Dad was friends with Art. I haven’t been back to Portland in years I miss it. What brought you to mind was My little brother and nephew just posted on Facebook that they had just finished a meal there and it was soooooo good. It brought back memories so i looked you up. Hope some day soon I can get back there and stop by. God Bless. ~ Michael Walrath